Abraham Lincoln, a Great President but not a Great Eater

Posted 02/12/2013 | By HealthCorps

Some sources suggest that President Lincoln was a hearty eater, but not over indulgent, while other observers, recorded in historical documents, suggest he ate quickly, without consuming too much.  One of his favorite treats was apparently bread and honey, and he also loved fresh apples.  In the White House, he was known to breakfast on eggs, toast and coffee, and lunch often consisted of “a biscuit and glass of milk or a handful of grapes.” It’s therefore not surprising that some documents suggest he may have suffered with constipation.

Not a whole lot of fiber in that diet!

We now know that foods rich in fiber can help to prevent this uncomfortable and common condition.  Women should try to consume at least 25 grams of fiber daily and men should target a daily goal of 38 grams.  The range for kids and teens is between 19 grams (very young children) to as much as 31 grams (teens).

What foods are rich in fiber?

Fruitslike prunes, pears, raspberries, and raisins are rich in fiber.

Breads/Grains like rye and wheat, and bran flakes are all rich in fiber.

Nuts like walnuts are rich in fiber.

Navy, pinto, kidney, and cooked soy beans and split peas (cooked) are all rich in fiber.

Vegetables including artichokes, spinach, winter squash, Brussels sprouts, turnip greens are all rich in fiber.

For more high fiber choices, check out this video!

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