A Great Summer Dish: Grilled Fish

Posted 08/25/2015 | By HealthCorps

Though you may only think of putting traditional steaks and burgers on the grill, fish is a great option too. You do need to know some basic tips so you get a perfect fish dish off the grill.

Certain fish work better on the grill – Halibut, a firm fish, is a perfect choice for the grill surface. Otherwise, use a grill screen for more delicate and flaky fish, and also for scallops and shrimp. Another option is to skewer fish pieces and place them on a grill screen.

Know when to flip the fish to cook on the opposite side – If you wait too long, fish sticks, and it will be hard to flip it. You also only want to “flip once.”

Leave skin on till the fish is cooked – The skin of fish like snapper and trout will crisp up and you can eat it. Otherwise it’s easier to remove the skin once the fish has cooked.

Never cook damp fish – Always use a paper towel to blot the fish so it’s completely dry when you place it on the grill. If you are planning to add marinade, the fish should also be dried first.

Never glaze or marinate with liquids that contain sugar at the beginning of grilling – The sugars can burn and turn bitter during a long cooking process. Instead, halfway through the grilling, brush the glaze on one side of the fish and let it cook a bit longer, before flipping it. If you’re using a vinegar-based marinade, you also want to wait till the fish has grilled for a bit. Vinegar brushed on at the beginning will likely “cook” the fish right away and make it more like ceviche. You can salt and pepper the fish at the beginning of the grilling process.

Make sure all the fish fillets or pieces are equal in thickness – This will allow for the fish to cook evenly all at the same time.

Once you grill your fish, add a delicious salad with walnut vinaigrette and some iced tea and you’ve got a wonderful summer meal.


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