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Daily Synbiotic Supplements May Nudge More Weight Loss in Obese Kids

A recent report in Beneficial Microbes showed that obese kids who were put on a calorie controlled…

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MRI Reveals that Weight Loss Protects Knees

There’s a long list of reasons that should compel you to lose excess weight. Being diagnosed with…

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HealthCorps is passionate about teen weight loss

A recent study by the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (INEGI) looked at the life expectancy…

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Understanding The Weight Loss Plateau

You decide to begin a fitness regimen in order to burn extra calories and lose weight.  You…

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The Diet with No Weight Loss…At First

It’s the beginning of a new year, and that typically means the beginning of a new diet. …

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The Richie Byrne Weight Loss Project

Richie Byrne found himself 14 months later in 2012, hosting another event for Dr. Oz, this time…

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The Old Formula to Weight Loss May Not Work

For everyone, that is. When you talk about weight loss, the formula most people use is to…

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Are weight loss products containing HCG safe?

The FDA and the FTC has now cracked down on herbal supplements containing the ingredient HCG –…

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The Link Between Obesity and Teen Bone Loss

A new study suggests that when a teen develops obesity, they may end up with irreparable bone…

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Tread Carefully When Discussing Weight with Kids

When a child is diagnosed with excessive weight or obesity, they are at risk for short-term or…

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Weight Gain Season: Halloween to New Year’s is Tricky

It’s that time of the year! Late October through New Year’s Day is a time of fun…

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Heart Failure Tied to Teens’ Weight

It’s a common assumption that if you end up being diagnosed early-in-life with obesity, but during adulthood…

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