4 Ways To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Posted 02/13/2013 | By HealthCorps

If you’re serious about keeping those New Year’s resolutions, then these tips may help keep you on the journey.

(1)  Define your goals and make sure they were realistic.  If they are not, then modify them or at minimum divide them into step goals that allow you to achieve milestones of success and then move on to the next one.  Want to lose 50 pounds?  Make your first goal a 15 pound weight loss and see if you can remain at that weight for a few weeks.  Once you are comfortable with the habits that helped you achieve your first weight loss milestone, modify your eating or exercise habits to hit the next goal of a total weight loss of 25 pounds.  You may find this pathway to weight loss or other resolutions more forgiving and more achievable.

(2)  Set a schedule.  Using the example of weight loss, that means putting exercise time on your calendar and taking time to make food shopping lists and menus.  You can then schedule your shopping trips and maybe even the days you will prepare foods.  This can help reduce how many days you shop, prepare and cook food which can translate into a more strategic approach to weight loss and an easier time staying on track to your goals.

(3)  Expect setbacks and have a strategy ready to intercept.  Don’t fall apart or decide to abandon your resolution because of a setback.  Already decide on a few responses to help you get back on track.  In the case of a food binge while you are well into several weeks of a diet, simply step back and re-gain control by planning several days of menus and exercise experiences.  That one binge will not throw you off course.  If however, one binge turns into several days of uncontrolled eating, then you may not be able to regain control of your lifestyle change commitment.

(4)  Consider a buddy or support team to help you stay the course.  A support group or buddy can help to keep you on track and accountable.

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