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West Mecklenburg High School, Charlotte, NC- Ashliyah

Coordinator Maggie Baker’s Cooking Club has had a significant positive impact on many students at West Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. Specifically with one student Ashliyah Allen, changing her perspective on healthy food. Ashliyah and her fellow classmates not only learn how to adapt recipes to include healthier ingredients but learn the value in trying new foods and how fun it can be.

“I’ve learned that even if you go by the exact recipe, sometimes you have to adjust the amount for each ingredient based on personal preference of taste and flavor. I had to do this when I made my own homemade salsa for my mom. Cooking club has helped me learn how to cook and eat healthier in so many ways! My favorite recipe so far was the Gluten-Free Apple Crisp.” said Ashliyah Allen.

Ms. Sharon Sease, the Occupational Education Teacher at West Mecklenburg High School, supervises the HealthCorps Cooking Club along with Coordinator Maggie Baker. “I love to cook myself and learn new recipes so it’s nice to have the opportunity to educate our students on healthy eating and how to incorporate more healthy snacks and meal recipes into their daily lives.” said Sharon. Sharon says she knows the cooking club is making a strong positive influence on students because they come to class every Tuesday excited to get started.

Sharon also says that Ashliyah and several other students have been telling her regularly that they’ve gone home and made their own homemade creations with their parents. “I’m so incredibly proud of them! I look forward to each week and always get excited to cook a new recipe with each and every one of them!” said Sharon.

Want to try Ashliyah’s favorite recipe for Gluten-Free Apple Crisp? Click here!

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