Resilient Despite the Odds

Posted 12/16/2015 | By HealthCorps


Del Norte High School, Crescent City, CA- Cassidy

Cassidy Chase is one of those resilient students who keeps going, even when the odds are stacked against her. In her freshman year at Del Norte High School she approached HealthCorps Coordinator Rachel Marler, telling her that she was sick of bullying at their high school and wanted to do something about it.

Initially, Rachel offered to be the advisor of the “Bully Busters” club at Del Norte HS, for which Cassidy served as president. The club has since evolved into the “Health Heroes Club” of which Cassidy is now an active member. During her meetings with the Health Heroes Club, Cassidy took the opportunity to confide in her Coordinator about her emotionally unstable home life. Cassidy has since moved to live in a safer place with a friend’s family.

“Cassidy Chase is a very resilient and talented young woman. When she finds a problem, she tries to fix it. Even in her freshman year, Cassidy decided to do something about bullying in school, and even stopped bullying from happening to vulnerable students,” said Coordinator Rachel Marler.

During her time in the HealthCorps program, Cassidy designed a poster for the “Walking Warriors Challenge” to raise awareness about physical activity in America and around the world. The poster included the average steps per day for Americans in comparison to the average for Japan, Switzerland, and even for Amish men and women. Several students and staff members have commented that Cassidy’s poster opened their eyes for the need to increase their physical activity.

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