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HealthCorps’ in-school program aims to empower America’s youth and their families to eat smart and stay active.

HealthCorps’ national program spans 55 high schools in 11 states (CA, FL, MA, MD, MS, NJ, NC, NY, OH, OK, TX) and the District of Columbia. Since our inception we have impacted 300,000 students and 600,000 of their friends and family.




      The blueprint for the HealthCorps program was implemented for a 10-month pilot program. Heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife Lisa set out to follow the guidelines of “Healthy People 2010,” a federal government initiative from the Department of Health and Human Services to advance a nationwide health promotion and disease prevention agenda which included a program fighting childhood obesity.



    HealthCorps launched a lunchtime workshop program at George Washington Educational Campus in Washington Heights, New York.


    A second New York school was added to the HealthCorps pilot.


    HealthCorps network expanded to nine schools, including two new states, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


    HealthCorps embarked on a national rollout, extending its health education and mentoring program to a total of 36 schools, including 29 New York City high schools, two New Jersey Schools, the first Florida school, and a second school in Pennsylvania.


    HealthCorps grew to 45 schools and three additional states, California, Texas and Ohio. Florida became the second largest HealthCorps state with eight schools, including institutions in Miami, Tampa and West Palm Beach.


    HealthCorps expanded its program into a total of 50 schools, spanning nine states, including new locations in Arizona and the Mississippi Delta. HealthCorps’ continued community activism included the launch of the FitTown program.


    HealthCorps maintained a presence in 41 schools in 11 states. The organization reached at least 21,000 students and an additional 42,000 family members and community residents.


    HealthCorps continued to grow its program by expanding into ten new schools throughout California and new schools in New Orleans, Louisiana; Baltimore, Maryland; Cleveland, Ohio; and Houston, Texas.


    HealthCorps expanded to a total of 66 schools including new locations in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Charlotte, North Carolina. California saw the largest expansion with 15 news schools funded through the efforts of partners such as, The California Endowment, Desert Healthcare District and Foundation, WellPoint, The California Department of Public Health, and The California Walnut Board. HealthCorps University, a train the trainer professional development program that makes the HealthCorps principles and curriculum available to virtually any school, officially launched.


    HealthCorps continues to be a presence in 62 schools in 13 states and the District of Columbia. In Oklahoma, our organization expanded to more schools. Active Alliance was formed, which is a youth-focused partnership with California’s four professional basketball teams that aims to build healthier communities.


    HealthCorps is present in 55 schools in 11 states and the District of Columbia. Coordinators are now serving in one new state — Massachusetts. HealthCorps University continues to expand throughout the United States.

    Our organization was also given the highest rating from Guidestar, an information service specializing in reporting on non-profits in the United States.