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Welcome to our Healthy Topics Blog. This is where HealthCorps fans can get the inside scoop on healthy eating, lifestyle tips and what’s happening on the frontlines of HealthCorps. If you like something, leave a comment! We’d love to know what’s on your mind.

Have You Tried Reciprocal Superset Training
by ahendel
August 28, 2015
Also called agonist-antagonist superset training, the exerciser performs consecutive single sets of two different exercises that work opposing muscles or muscle groups. You then take a rest and repeat the sequence ...
Students Showcase Talents at Farm-to-Fork Event in Stockton, California
by ahendel
August 27, 2015
Our students from Health Careers Academy, led by Coordinator Bernice Rosas, were the only youth represented at the third annual Farm-to-Fork event on July 22. The students created healthy & delicious meals, including ...
Did you know…..
by ahendel
August 26, 2015
Some barbecue grill cleaners create noxious fumes or contain hazardous ingredients. If you use your grill a lot, chances are that you want an effective way to clean off the char ...
A Great Summer Dish: Grilled Fish
by ahendel
August 25, 2015
Though you may only think of putting traditional steaks and burgers on the grill, fish is a great option too. You do need to know some basic tips so you get ...
Work It Out in the Sand
by ahendel
August 21, 2015
Take full advantage of the summer sand by taking your workout to the beach. Performing exercises in the sand, including walking, adds challenge and intensity to a workout routine. Exercises suited ...
HealthCorps Interview with Dr. Phil Blanc
by ahendel
August 20, 2015
Dr. Phil Blanc is a new addition to the HealthCorps team, recently joining the organization as its Vice President of Research & Health Science Communication. An ER-trained physician, with a Master ...
August 2015 Coordinator of the Month: Alice Curchin 
by ahendel
August 19, 2015
HealthCorps is excited to announce Alice as our August Coordinator of the Month! Jeffrey Hartinger, the Social Media Manager at HealthCorps, spoke with Alice about what influenced her to become a coordinator.       ...
Canned Fish or Fresh Fish – Which is Better?
by ahendel
August 19, 2015
If you are on a tight budget, or convenience is important, you may be wondering if there is a significant nutritional difference between canned or fresh fish. According to the Department ...
Benefits of Basmati
by ahendel
August 18, 2015
Watercress is a cruciferous vegetable that scores a full 100 when rated for a panel of 16 key nutrients and fiber by the CDC. Some other close winners included Chinese cabbage, ...
What type of exercise fits your needs?
by ahendel
August 14, 2015
Time (July 6/July 13, 2015 issue) examined the best exercise fit for specific goals. If your goal is to offset aging, then you want to address muscle mass loss. Weight lifting or ...
HealthCorps and Aramark Enter HCU Partnership
by ahendel
August 13, 2015
  After approximately a year of relationship building and program development, HealthCorps entered into a collaborative partnership with the food service giant, Aramark to deliver an intensive two-day HealthCorps University (HCU) outside ...
Did You Know…….
by ahendel
August 12, 2015
Grass-fed beef is beef raised on grass instead of traditional grain feed. The beef from these animals tends to be lower in calories and saturated fat. The beef also typically contains ...
The Best Beverages and How Much is Just Right
by ahendel
August 11, 2015
Water is your best hydration choice. Though the mantra has been 8 cups daily, you actually can get some of your hydration from other fluids. Just keep H2O at the top ...
Keep Your Kids Safe At The Pool This Summer 
by ahendel
August 7, 2015
Swimming is a great summer sport. Kids love splashing in the water and can get quite a workout without sweating on the hottest days. It’s important to make sure they drink ...
Update on the Recent HealthCorps Summer Training Program
by ahendel
August 6, 2015
Recently, the yearly HealthCorps Summer Training Program took place at Sharpstown High School. Here are highlights from week one thanks to Sara Halper, Senior Manager, Product Development: The first week in Houston ...
When Ancient is a Good Thing
by ahendel
August 5, 2015
Many Americans have been told to curb their carb habit. Most of us are eating too many servings (and the wrong types) of breads, cereals, rice, and pasta, and eating too ...
August 2015 Health Observances
by ahendel
August 4, 2015
August 1 - 31 Children's Eye Health and Safety Month Prevent Blindness info@preventblindness.org August 1 - 31 National Breastfeeding Month The United States Breastfeeding Committee www.usbreastfeeding.org/NBM August 1 - 31 National Immunization Awareness Month National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases Centers ...
Sweeping Your Home for Health
by ahendel
July 31, 2015
If you are a typical teen, then your room and personal space is probably a mess. Chances are you’re not doing too much cleaning up, with most of your time devoted ...
Teen Battle Chef Went Live in Harlem on June 16th!
by ahendel
July 30, 2015
It was a special gathering at Madiba Harlem with celebrity judges Leah Abraham, co-owner of Settepani Restaurant, Richard Grausman, Founder and Chairman of C-CAP, Dan Jackson, Executive Chef of Café 2 ...
Quick Tips for Your Health
by ahendel
July 29, 2015
Rates of strokes in pregnant women are increasing, despite the fact that they are falling among seniors. Increasing obesity, inactivity and older maternal age are all considered possible explanations for this ...

Amy Hendel, P.A.

Known as The HealthGal, our resident Health Editor and blogger, Amy Hendel is a popular medical and lifestyle reporter, lifestyle expert, columnist and spokesperson. Trained as a Physician Assistant and nutritionist, she maintains a private practice as a Health Coach in New York City and Los Angeles, CA. Her first book Fat Families Thin Families (BenBella Publishers) released in June 2008 and offers a "family team" approach to helping families cope with obesity and its related health issues. The soft cover version released in June of 2010 under the new title, The 4 Habits of Healthy Families.

Amy currently hosts What’s for Lunch?, Food Rescue and Simple Smoothies at Healthination. She’s also a contributing health and nutrition expert at HealthCentral and Buddha Teas. She’s been a guest on Today, Good Morning America, FOX News, Access Hollywood Live, Marie! Rachel Ray, The 700 Club, EXTRA, and national and local news and talk shows. Past producer/Host of healthy home segments on HouseSmarts, Amy has also hosted Westwood One’s Good Eating Good Living, Lifetime's Stories on the Beach, HealthZone (PBS), and Pfizer's On the Road to Pain Relief. She's also a frequently quoted expert in national magazines and publications.

Twitter: HealthGal1103
Facebook: TheHealthGal