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In an effort to most effectively help you, please choose the area of interest for your inquiry from options below:

General Contact Information

Email: info@healthcorps.org
NY: HealthCorps®
75 Broad Street, 24th Floor
New York, NY 10004
Phone: 212-742-2875

CA: HealthCorps®
1107 9th Street, Suite 1011
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-919-8100

DC: HealthCorps®
2600 DeWitt Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301
Phone: 212.742.2875

TX: HealthCorps®
2813 Saint Street
Houston, TX 77027

HealthCorps Contact for News Media

Karen Johnson, Chief Communications Officer
Phone: 212.742.2875
Email: karen.johnson@healthcorps.org

Working for HealthCorps

Volunteering or Interning with HealthCorps

  • Complete volunteer application. Download application here.
  • E-mail completed application along with cover letter and resume to: volunteer@healthcorps.org

Employment at HealthCorps (General Inquiries)

  • Please e-mail a cover letter explaining your interest in HealthCorps
  • Include a summary of proposed work scope and resume
  • SEND TO: adminteam@healthcorps.org

Becoming a HealthCorps Coordinator

For more information about becoming a HealthCorps Coordinator, please click here.

Fundraising, Sponsorship and Events

Hosting a fundraiser and/or donating proceeds to HealthCorps:

  • E-mail a cover letter outlining your proposal and expectations regarding HealthCorps participation
  • Include a one page summary of the proposed event with anticipated proceeds
  • Include a link to your website or any other relevant sites
  • Include a program summary of your organization
  • Include sample marketing material from prior events
  • SEND TO: businessdevelopment@healthcorps.org

For additional information about school-based events, click here.

Participating in a specific one-time HealthCorps Event / Fundraiser

  • For Volunteering or Planning Committees, please choose Volunteering for HealthCorps from the dropdown above
  • For Highway to Health Festival, please go to www.highwaytohealthfestival.com/
  • For other inquiries, please send specific requests to info@healthcorps.org

HealthCorps participating in a community event

  • Please e-mail a cover letter outlining your proposal and expectations regarding HealthCorps’ participation
  • Include a one page summary of the proposed event with anticipated proceeds and link to your website
  • Include a program summary about the Host organization(s) and a marketing summary for the event
  • Include any applications or support materials for the event including any potential HealthCorps costs / expenses
  • Include samples of material from prior year events (flyers, recaps, media alerts, etc.) as appropriate
  • SEND TO: communityoutreach@healthcorps.org

HealthCorps promoting/endorsing a product, service or event

To see a list of our strategic partners, please click here.

  • Please mail a cover letter outlining your interest in HealthCorps and expectations regarding HealthCorps’ participation
  • Include a one page summary of your requested endorsement/promotion including anticipated HealthCorps costs or related expenses
  • Include a program summary about your organization
  • Include samples and/or literature about your product/service as appropriate
  • Include a marketing summary plan for your product/service
  • Send to: businessdevelopment@healthcorps.org

Being a Sponsor of HealthCorps

To see a list of current sponsors/contributors, please click here.

Please mail a cover letter outlining your interest in sponsoring HealthCorps.

  1. Include a detailed proposal, 3 to 5 pages, of how your organization and
    HealthCorps would work together. Including:

    • Goals and proposed benefits of a relationship
    • Detailed outline of the program
    • Time frame for development of the relationship
    • Proposed marketing strategy and support plan
    • “Fair Market Value” of any program/relationship elements including: marketing support, contributions, in-kind donations and services, etc.
  2. Include a company information summary
  3. Include sample material from existing sponsorships as appropriate
  4. SEND TO: businessdevelopment@healthcorps.org

School and Curriculum

Bringing HealthCorps to your school

School Administrators and Faculty

HealthCorps works closely with school administrators and faculty who harbor a passion for the health and well-being of their students and the wider community. The HealthCorps program is not financed through the school budget; HealthCorps provides a trained Coordinator to administer the program in the school through classes, afterschool initiatives and community service. Schools are expected to provide the Coordinator with office space (it can be shared) and secure storage space. Schools interested in having the HealthCorps program should download and complete the following application: Apply to be a HealthCorps School

Parents, Students, and Other Interested Parties

HealthCorps is funded through a mix of private and public private funds. Each year HealthCorps disburses privately-raised funds based on a combination of a school’s need and the willingness of school administrations. When an entity funds the HealthCorps program, the funder works with HealthCorps to determine where best to establish the program. Concerned citizens and parents can ask foundations, individuals, local businesses, city/town councilmember and/or state representative /senator to fund the HealthCorps program in their community. To learn more about bringing HealthCorps to your community please write us at info@healthcorps.org.

Teaching/providing new curriculum or workshops within the HealthCorps program

For more information about HealthCorps curriculum, please click here.

  • Please e-mail a cover letter outlining your interest in providing special curriculum/material for HealthCorps schools and how it supplements the coordinator’s work
  • Include a one-page summary of proposed teaching program
  • Include any supporting material, references and/or organization background as appropriate
  • Include your resume
  • SEND TO: school@healthcorps.org