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Shaping a New Generation


HealthCorps®’ vision is to lead a nationwide movement toward a new generation of healthy young people. We were founded by heart surgeon and two-time Daytime Emmy Award-winning talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife Lisa, to combat the childhood obesity crisis.


Our mission is to implement an innovative in-school model that inspires teens to make healthier choices for themselves and their families.


HealthCorps® is a 501 (c)(3) founded in 2003 by heart surgeon and Daytime Emmy Award-winning host Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife Lisa to combat the childhood obesity crisis. HealthCorps is building a nationwide movement to shape a new generation.

HealthCorps Coordinators lead unique in-school and community programming designed to foster physical and mental fitness, particularly among high-need populations. The Coordinators serve as peer-mentors who deliver a progressive curriculum in nutrition, exercise and mental strength to students nationwide. For more than a decade, the HealthCorps program has inspired its participants to adopt a healthier lifestyle. And the HealthCorps schools have served as Living Labs through which we can explore the complex, underlying causes of the obesity crisis, as well as discover, communicate implement and advocate for national and regional solutions.

Today, the program network spans 44 schools in 10 states and the District of Columbia. Ultimately, HealthCorps’ goal is to extend the reach of its program to an ever-wider network of American communities. To that end, in 2012, we introduced HealthCorps University, a train the trainer professional development program that makes available the HealthCorps principles and curriculum to virtually any school, community or organization.

For more information, please visit at www.healthcorps.org and follow us on Twitter and on Facebook.

Living Labs

Our in-school program includes embedding a trained HealthCorps Coordinator in a high school on a full-time basis for a minimum of two years to serve as a peer mentor for students. Coordinators lead activities in:

  • Nutrition: Students learn practical ways to choose foods that are healthy and develop healthy relationships with food that will last a lifetime.
  • Fitness: Students learn how to maximize their caloric burn everyday by making simple lifestyle choices.
  • Mental Resilience: HealthCorps helps students develop decision-making and communication skills, foster healthy relationships and set long-term goals.

Our Scope & Goals

HealthCorps’ national program spans 44 high schools in 10 states and the District of Columbia. Since our inception we have impacted 1,421,697 students either through our Living Labs or through our HealthCorps University programs.

Advocating for Change

HealthCorps advocates for healthy public policy at the local, state and federal level. Our goal is to elevate health education and physical education to “core subjects” within federal education laws, thus allowing both subjects to be eligible for federal funding.

As a member of the Green Schools National Network, we also promote policy shifts and best practices that move us towards safer environments affecting students’ health and encouraging communities to become more physically active.

HealthCorps Chairman Dr. Mehmet Oz and HealthCorps President Michelle Bouchard also appeared before the United States Senate’s Health Education Labor and Pension Committee in 2009 to discuss wellness policy and HealthCorps’ commitment to national service.