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A Look At HealthCorps' Work
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It is vital to us that our programming is effective. As a result, we treasure the below studies and the information they provide us: they give us the means to affect more people better. Please take a look below to learn more about our impact studies.

Affinity Health Plan Study

In June, 2009, Dr. Oz presented the results of an independently conducted two-year efficacy study overseen by a methodologist from Cornell University and funded by Affinity Health Plan. The focus of the study was to quantify the impact of the HealthCorps program on a predominately Hispanic New York City intervention group. Results of the study found significant benefits of HealthCorps on three dimensions:

  1. soda pop consumption decreases by 0.61 times per week;
  2. participants are 36% more likely to report that they are more physically active;
  3. participants score 10.7% higher on the test of health knowledge. (These estimates assume zero benefit for dropouts; excluding dropouts results in larger effect sizes.)

In an article published in April in the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Thomas Frieden (Director of the CDC) and Kelly Brownell (Yale) argued that soft drinks “may be the single largest driver of the obesity epidemic.”

Impact Study of HealthCorps in Palm Beach County

Through a study conducted on four high schools in Palm Beach County-Santaluces High School in Lakeworth; Forest Hills High School in West Palm Beach; Atlantic High School in Delray Beach; and Wellington Community High School in Wellington — the analysis of data revealed that the HealthCorps curriculum on nutrition, fitness and mental resilience led to most students’ adopting healthier lifestyles.

Implementing the HealthCorps Behaviors Assessment Tool, the independent non-profit researcher reached over 4,100 students in the first part of the program year, using a Likert approach to assess responses to 33 questions.  The survey concluded that:

  • About 40% less students were drinking soda more than twice a day
  • As to consumption of healthy foods, including fruit juice and vegetables, an increase of 15% of students responded that they were eating at least 2 of each of these foods weekly
  • 10%  percent of respondents increased their weekly water consumption and 45% acknowledged drinking water more regularly
  • An increase of 55% stated that they exercise at least 4 days a week
  • 11% percent more respondents indicated that they watch less TV and 5% more students learned how to more effectively cope with problems

Regarding the Stress Scale measured, results found that:

  • 35% of students worried less about unexpected events
  • 56% of students were better able to control themselves
  • 21% of students never or almost never got “stressed”
  • 7 % of students were more able to handle personal problems
  • 14% of students generally feel better

In support of the HealthCorps’ model, a recent Johns Hopkins study (Youfa Wang, associate professor, Bloomberg School’s Center for Human Nutrition) concluded that a number of factors, including peers, had a greater influence over the food choices of older kids than did the family or parents (Social Science and Medicine – May 25, 2009).

Teen Battle Chef Program

For the nutrition section of the curriculum, starting with the 2009-2010 school year, HealthCorps has established a formal relationship with Family Cook Productions to train all Coordinators to carry out the Teen Battle Chef program in schools. Albert Einstein School of Medicine conducted a study of the program establishing it as an evidence-based initiative.



“HealthCorps has positively impacted our campus culture in a variety of ways. Students and staff are much more aware of the importance of wellness in their lives. Being an urban, low-income high school the need for our students to understand how their health impacts their lives is absolutely essential. HealthCorps has filled a very obvious hole in our system and is changing the lives of our kids.”– Tim Liles, Principal, Sunnyside High School, Fresno, CA

“I have enjoyed the HealthCorps Curriculum that Betsy Reedy has brought to our campus. Personally I am a lot more conscious of my food choices both at school and at home. Her “toilet tidings” are always informative and thought provoking and fun. Through the staff competition I have finally reached a goal of losing 12 pounds to keep my BMI at a much better level for my age. I have enjoyed the variety of exercise opportunities such as Zumba and yoga, which is made more fun by having both students and staff participating. I have noticed a lot of students who are making more thoughtful choices, especially when it comes to exercise, and I am hopeful that this program is going to help make some long term changes for a lot of our students and their families.” – Carol Germano, Science Teacher & Mentor Teacher, Anderson New Technology High School, Anderson, CA

“HealthCorps University engages students in a new and exciting way. The changes that I’ve seen in students’ wellness choices and knowledge, such as eating healthy, have been amazing. In addition, more teachers are thinking about ways to integrate health education into their classes regardless of the subject they teach. HCU programming truly transforms students, staff and schools. I’m proud to be a part of HealthCorps University.” – Heather Deckard, Physical Education Coordinator, Sacramento Unified School District, Sacramento, CA

“As an organization whose mission is to provide our students with the very best public education possible, we realize that we must focus on the whole child with health and wellness at the forefront. A child who is not in good health because of poor nutritional or fitness habits and practices cannot learn at an optimal level. Over the past two years, through the Living Labs program, the HealthCorps coordinators at three of our high schools have made an extremely positive impact on our high school students. Through the classroom curriculum the coordinators delivered, as well as several afterschool nutrition and physical fitness-related activities and clubs, they have truly made a difference.”– Dr. Christine Anderson, Superintendent, Palm Springs Unified School District

District of Columbia:

“Washington Mathematics Science Technology Public Charter High School’s relationship with HealthCorps is an extremely valuable partnership that has provided our students with much needed information about the important role that health plays in their lives. The “Peer Mentoring” and the “Living Labs” programs, implemented by our great HealthCorps Coordinator, give students “hands on” experiences and inspire them to adopt more healthy habits such as eating well and exercising more. In addition, students are provided with an exposure to various health and culinary arts careers. We truly appreciate all of the fantastic benefits that HealthCorps has brought to our students.” – Dr. N’Deye Diagne, Head of School, Washington Math Science Technology Public Charter High School, Washington, D.C.


“HealthCorps has encouraged my students and teachers to take a more in-depth look into healthy living. They have been exposed to foods that they would have otherwise thought to be tasteless” – Dr. Kemp, Clarksdale High School, Clarksdale, MS


“HealthCorps at Astec Charter Schools is so proud to have this great program. It really is life-transforming for young people and their families (and teachers).” – Freda Deskin, CEO and Founder of ASTEC Public Schools, Oklahoma City, OK

New York:

“HealthCorps teaches our students to make healthier decisions and increase healthy habits by teaching classes and running positive after school programming”– Renel Piton, Principal, Brooklyn Lab School, Brooklyn, NY


“Our partnership with Healthcorps has been a key factor in the transformation of Sharpstown High School. Caring for the whole child is possible when the resources, mindset and focus starts with ensuring that ‘wellness’ opportunities are afforded to all students, families and community. Our continuous improvement would not have occurred so quickly if we did not have the caring mindset provided by Healthcorps leadership and on-site staff. Turn around school efforts start when students feel good about themselves and the school they attend. Leadership opportunities for the planning, implementation and participation in so many health, leadership, service activities have completely changed the culture and mindset of our students around good decisions and healthy living. Thanks you Healthcorps for your leadership and support!” – Rob Gasparello, Principal, Sharpstown High School, Houston, TX