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School Administrators and Faculty

HealthCorps works closely with school administrators and faculty who harbor a passion for the health and well-being of their students and the wider community. The HealthCorps program is not financed through the school budget; HealthCorps provides a trained Coordinator to administer the program in the school through classes, after-school initiatives and community service. Schools are expected to provide the Coordinator with office space (it can be shared) and secure storage space.

Schools interested in having the HealthCorps program should email school@healthcorps.org.

Parents, Students, and Other Interested Parties

HealthCorps is funded through a mix of private and public private funds. Each year HealthCorps disburses privately-raised funds based on a combination of a school’s need and the willingness of school administrations. When an entity funds the HealthCorps program, the funder works with HealthCorps to determine where best to establish the program. Concerned citizens and parents can ask foundations, individuals, local businesses, city/town councilmember and/or state representative /senator to fund the HealthCorps program in their community. To learn more about bringing HealthCorps to your community please write us at info@healthcorps.org.